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Titebond Original Wood Glue

Titebond Original Wood Glue

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  • Description:

    Interior Aliphatic woodworking glue. It provides a strong initial tack and sets quickly to minimise clamping time required. It develops a bond that is stronger than the wood itself. It also has excellent sanding properties and is unaffected by finishes. It is suitable for wood; hardboard; particleboard; leather; cloth and most other porous materials. It is easy to use; non-toxic and cleans up easily with water

  • Application Guide:

    • Application Temperature: Above 50°F (10°C)
    • Open Assembly Time: 4-6 minutes (70°F./50%RH)

    • Total Assembly Time: 10-15 minutes (70°F./50%RH)

    • Minimum Required Spread: Approximately 6 mils or 250 square feet per gallon

    • Required Clamping Pressure: Enough to bring joints tightly together (generally, 100-150 psi for softwoods, 125-175 psi for medium woods and 175-250 psi for hardwoods)

    • Method Of Application: Plastic bottles for fine applications; glue may also be spread with a roller spreader or brush.

    • Cleanup: Damp cloth while glue is wet. Scrape off and sand dried excess.

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