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Panel Raiser With Under Cutter Router Bits

Panel Raiser With Under Cutter Router Bits (1494-1498)

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Full Product Description:


Panel Raiser With Under Cutter & Bearings.

  • Description:

    Raised panel doors are the standard for cabinets, jewelry boxes, entry and passage doors, fine furniture, and more. A Panel Raiser With Under Cutter is the most popular option which cuts back side of the door at the same time the profile is cut, making a 6.35mm (1/4") tongue to fit the slot in rail & stile.

  • Specification:

    Face Cut Options: 5 Degree, 15 Degree, 12 Degree & Quarter Round, OGEE & CONVEX

    Shank Size: 12mm (1/2)

    Cutter Dia: 79.4mm

    Cutting Length: 12.7mm

    Cutting Width: 31.8

  • Key Features:

    Designed & made in Taiwan by Sen Yeong Precision Tool Co Ltd using the finest steel & carbide tips. These router bits have been designed and manufactured to acquire optimum finishes. Therefore, accuracy, durability and stability are guaranteed.

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