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Klein Dowel Drills

Klein Dowel Drills

PriceFrom $40.00
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  • Description:

    Small dowel pin drills are notably faster, which saves valuable time, are more precise and much safer than hand drilling. Plus, the investment will pay off quickly when jobs start getting done in record time.

  • Specification:

    • Number of Flutes: 2

    • Shank Size: 10 x 32mm

    • Rotation: Right Hand or Left Hand

    • Materials: Plywood, Chipboard, Softwood, Hardwood, MDF, Laminate / Double Side laminate

    • Machinery: CNC Machine, Automatic drilling machines

  • Key Features:

    The Klein Dowel Drills are made with an exclusive carbide and a mirror finish quality. This process will reduce the friction and produce clean and smooth cuts with longer tool life and better performance.

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