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Pattern Cutting Router Bits

Pattern Cutting Router Bits (1470-1475)

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Full Product Description:


Pattern Cutting Router Bit with Bearing on Shank.

  • Description:

    When making identical parts, you can use a Pattern Cutting Router Bit with a template for repeatable results. Similar to a flush trim router bit, pattern bits have a ball bearing in the middle of the bit. This allows for the template to be placed above the workpiece and the bit to ride along the template.

  • Key Features:

    Designed & made in Taiwan by Sen Yeong Precision Tool Co Ltd using the finest steel & carbide tips. These router bits have been designed and manufactured to acquire optimum finishes. Therefore, accuracy, durability and stability are guaranteed.

  • Q & A:

    Q: What is the difference between a pattern cutting router bit & a flush trim router bit?


    A: A flush-trimming router bit has a bearing mounted at the end, opposite the shank. A pattern router bit's bearing rests between the cutting edges and upper shank, as shown above. They perform essentially the same task, but with one significant difference: the amount of bit that must be exposed to make the cut.

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