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HardTack Polyurethane Adhesive

HardTack Polyurethane Adhesive

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  • Description:

    The HardTack Polyurethane Adhesive comes as a single pack, rapid moisture curing, low smell, clear amber liquid. 

    It has excellent bond strength & good wet grab with wood to wood, MDF, stone, metal, ceramics and some plastic. 

  • Application Guide:

    • Surface Preparation: All sufaces must be clean, dust free and tight fitting. For glossy surfaces, sand to provide a key. it is preferable that one of the surfaces to be bonded is porous to allow the moisture required for curing to migrate to the glue line.
    • Application: Apply adhesive to one surface at the joint and then clamp until bond is secure.
    • Working Time: Approximatly 30min (standard), Approximatly 10min (Fast). These times are dependent on ambient conditions.
    • Cure Time: 4hours (standard) 30mm (fast) These times are for wood to wood bonding.
    • Clean Up: Clean up fequently using Uroxsys Polyurethane Brush Cleaner before product has set on equipment.
    • Shelf Life: Six months in unopened containers.
    • For more information download our data sheets
  • Downloads:

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