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Chamfer Router Bits With Bearing

Chamfer Router Bits (1290-1298)

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45° Chamfer Router Bits With Bearing 

  • More Information:

    Chamfer Router Bits are suitable for use on softwoods, hardwoods, veneers, laminates and composite materials. A Chamfer Bit with a bearing are a popular choice for providing a sharp, clean bevelled edge on door and window frames, table and chair legs, windowsills, mouldings and much more.

  • Key Features:

    Designed & made in Taiwan by Sen Yeong Precision Tool Co Ltd using the finest steel & carbide tips. These router bits have been designed and manufactured to acquire optimum finishes. Therefore, accuracy, durability and stability are guaranteed.

  • Did You Know:

    The word "chamfer" dates back to 14th-century French stonemasons, who beveled the edges of their stone blocks to make them less susceptible to chipping. Woodworkers thought it looked elegant, and began chamfering the edges of their furniture and other fine creations.

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