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HardTack Polyurethane Construction Adhesive

HardTack Polyurethane Construction Adhesive

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A new generation general purpose contruction adhisive, high strength moisture cure polyurethane based adhesive. 

This product is low foaming (high density foam) for good gap filling, being highly thixotropic for no-slump application. 


Cure Rates


  • Fast  working time of 3 -4 min, tack free in 15min , clamp time approximately 30min 
  • Medium working time of 10min, tack free in 30min , clamp time approximately 60min
  • Slow working time of 20 min, tack free in 30min , clamp time approximately 120min


Downloadable PDF Data Sheet


HardTack Polyurethane Costruction Adhesive




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