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Roundover Router Bits (1320-1332)

Roundover Router Bits (1320-1332)

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Full Product Description:


Roundover Router Bits With Bearing

  • Description:

    Roundover Router Bits are perhaps the most used woodworking bit you can have in your bits arsenal. Rounded edges give a project a softer, smoother look. The greater the radius of the round-over, the more pronounced this effect becomes. Rounded edges are less susceptible to splintering or chipping and tend to withstand knocks or dents with less visible damage compared to sharp edges.

  • Key Features:

    Designed & made in Taiwan by Sen Yeong Precision Tool Co Ltd using the finest steel & carbide tips. These router bits have been designed and manufactured to acquire optimum finishes. Therefore, accuracy, durability and stability are guaranteed.

  • Q & A:

    Q: What is the diffrance between a Roundover Router Bit & a Beeding Router Bit?


    A: Beading router bits have a detail that roundover bits don't have. A beading router bit adds a shoulder on the vertical surface, typically the edge of the board. Unlike a roundover router bit, the cutting edge of a beading router bit projects slightly past the ball bearing.

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