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Rabbeting Router Bit (1180-1195)

Rabbeting Router Bit (1180-1195)

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Full Product Description:


Rabbeting Router Bit with Bearing

  • More Information:

    Rabbeting Router Bits are a versatile solution for any woodworker or cabinetmaker. Use them to make strong lap joints, cut recesses to let in the back panels of cabinets, or create an interesting detail on built-up moulding. Produces super smooth cuts on both surfaces of the rabbet.

  • Key Features:

    Designed & made in Taiwan by Sen Yeong Precision Tool Co Ltd using the finest steel & carbide tips. These router bits have been designed and manufactured to acquire optimum finishes. Therefore, accuracy, durability and stability are guaranteed.

  • Hints & Tips:

    You can change the size of the bearing on a Rabbeting Router Bit so you can cut rabbets of different widths.

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