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50mm Insert Flush Trimming, with Upper and Lower bearing (1/2"shank)

50mm Insert Flush Trimming, with Upper and Lower bearing (1/2"shank)

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50mm Insert Flush Trimming, with Upper and Lower bearing. 1/2" Shank


  • This item is sold complete with a torx key
  • Suitable for trimming with template on the upper and/or lower side with a single router bit
  • These router bits are thought for having a clean and well finished edge on laminated and veneered panels. They are subject to continuous security check, cutting tolerance and balancing. While the ball bearing (same diameter of the cutter) acts as a guide to protect the edge, the cutter will obtain a perfect and smooth work. Designed and manufactured to allow precise cutting and good chipping ejection.


Always looking for innovative products and most useful solutions, SISTEMI has developed a new line of router bits with interchangeable carbide knives, which have a higher hardness than the tips used in traditional brazed router bits.

The main advantages granted by the use of HW reversible knives and the possibility of their easy replacement are:
� Longer tool life, knives get less worn out and in case of damage they can be easily replaced;
� Better finishing quality, also when working abrasive materials, the cutting edge can be maintained always sharp;
� Higher precision and cutting accuracy, the dimensions of the tools do not change because there is no resharpening;
� Better Quality/Price ratio, higher production efficiency, less costs and better performances.

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